How We Got Started

We got started in leather crafting about 7 years ago. We attended a leather craft class and got hooked.
How we got started making jewelry was really accidental! We had no intention of making earrings.
We just made a lot of stuff for a couple of years. We made so many belts, purses, wallets, bracelets and cuffs
that we eventually amassed a mountain of scrap. Hmmm, what to do with it.

It sat for a while as we continued to make more things. It got bigger and bigger. One day, Allison came by and as we shared our latest creations, she pulled out a pair of leather earrings. Lightbulb moment! What to do with all that scrap? Make earrings!

We made a few pairs of earrings and showed them at art festivals along with our other accessories and they were warmly regarded by our customers. Since then, we’ve made thousands of pairs of earrings and jewelry pieces. We’d describe our work as organic and warm in earthy and jewel tones. We also love a bit of shimmer and shine, so don’t be surprised by our bold mixture of metallic finishes or studs and traditional tooled leather. We hand cut, tool dye and finish each piece with love and care.  We are proud to offer you some of the most unique jewelry you will find!

Each creation and line is a labor of love. We work with pattern and design to create beautiful lines.
We create special finishes and combine these with gorgeous hand tooling to bring you high quality, vibrant, colorful jewelry that is versatile and lightweight.